Mains Incomer Units

These mains incomer units can be applied to new installations or upgrades of existing sites. The basic model provides the interface between the electricity supply company TN-C-S / PME system and the TT based petrol filling station. The term ‘filling station’ generally covers the shop installation as well, as it is preferred to only have one electrical system in use on one site. These Mains Incomers fully comply with The Institute of Petroleum’s publication, “Guidance for the design, construction, modification and maintenance of Petrol Filling stations”, (commonly called the Blue Book) The standard range covers ratings from 125amps to 400amps, with fault ratings between 16kA and 36kA dependant on customer requirements. Trip-sensitivity and tripping dwell time are both adjustable. Standard features include, earth test socket, phase healthy indication, Circuit Breaker test point and removable front cover for ease of installation.
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Internal View - Mains Incomer