Lighting Control Panels

Aurora Lighting Controller

The control of the lighting on a filling station has developed along with the available technology. Many of the controllers on the market to today offer facilities and features that are very impressive with performance and reliability. These features are reflected in the cost of the products.

From our experience, once set-up, many systems are rarely touched again and all the built in features are wasted. We recognised the requirement for a simple controller, specifically for use on filling stations, which has a single light sensor and all the main features of the sophisticated controllers at a cost of little more than a 1/2/3 photocell systems that is the alternative.

The CSE LC1 ‘Aurora’ controller offers a cost-effective solution. It is a compact unit that can be built into a new distribution board or used as part of a stand alone package for wall mounting on new sites or retro-fitting on existing installations. The controller can also be supplied mounted in a standalone enclosure with contactors and circuit breakers for situations where there is little of no existing lighting control.

The Aurora controller offers the user a simple solution that is very cost effective, easy to install, easy to set up and relatively maintenance free after initial set-up.

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