Company History

Control Systems and Equipment

Electrical engineer and executive chairman Paul Le Grys founded Control Systems & Equipment (Maidenhead) as a partnership in 1971 with a garage-load of ASEA motor control gear. By touring the local area visiting consulting engineers and engineering companies he was able to offer fast and flexible solutions such as Direct-on-Line or Star-Delta motor starters. Quickly establishing a reputation for solid and dependable electrical solutions the stage was set for growth and a workshop was soon established in nearby Marlow in 1975. With additional staff on-board local industry now had a local source of bespoke control panels & distribution boards. Long-serving wireman Chris Colmer joined the company in 1975 as an apprentice and is still with the business! In 1987 ASEA merged with Brown Boveri to form ABB which has been the preferred manufacturer of choice ever since.

In the 1990s Control Systems & Equipment designed and continuously developed control panels and distribution boards for the petrol retail industry and is now a major supplier of equipment to this market. Bespoke solution include: distribution boards; mains incomer units; submersible pump interface and lighting controls. Long-standing customers include: BP, Shell, Texaco, Esso, Sainsburys & Somerfields.

Since 1993, the company has been involved with the rail industry due to its close relationship with ABB & Bussmann. The space-saving Sig-Box range of products was developed in association with Railtrack and Network Rail and it has subsequently become the preferred industry standard for power-management (power isolation) in location cases. Other products that have been developed include the REEBox for power distribution in REBs (Relocatable Equipment Buildings).

In 2011 Railways specialist Doug Forbes was appointed to the position of Managing Director to oversee a new three year plan… Now in 2013, Control Systems and Equipment Ltd. has the financial & management strategy in place to enable the business to implement the next phase of its growth.. New markets such as Renewables and Highways have opened up business opportunities and the development of a new range of products for the Rail Sector has started.