Petrol Forcourt Electrical Control Panel

Retail Filling Station PanelControl Systems and Equipment has recently delivered a new electrical control panel to one of the major oil retailers in the UK to a substantial new redeveloped outlet in Hampshire.

The new site includes 7 fuel islands with 14 dispensing bays, four sub-tenants including a car wash, MOT business and food chain in addition to an in house mini-supermarket outlet. The panel was specified to ensure that an appropriate delivery of electricity was delivered to the fuel pumps, forecourt lighting, refrigeration units as standard, whilst also including a metering capability to apportion electricity costs accordingly between the retailer and the sub tenants.

As an established supplier of electrical control panels to the petrol distribution market, we were delighted to have been selected to build this panel for the client. There were many interesting elements to this project including the requirement for four output channels to be monitored.  Across the build we used quality ABB components including for the metering the OD4165 and other ABB metering devices. This enables the customer to perform a simple visual check on the door to see how much electricity has been consumed by each business section.

Doug Forbes, Control Systems Managing Director said “as experts in designing and building petrol forecourt electrical control panels we are always delighted to work on these projects. ¬†Our in house technical engineers have previously designed and built for retail outlets on-site but the requirement for a four output channel was of particular interest to us”

Paul Impey, Senior Engineer said “we were pleased that this sophisticated control panel was designed, built and tested and within budget to our customer and allowed the development of the site to stay on track”.

Four Channel Electrical Control Panel


Fuel Pump Remote Electrical Control Panel

Fuel Pump Remote Electrical Control Panel